The multicopter DX8-PX / 800 UAV is the flagship product of ALPSdrone, allowing the maximum payload and engines redundancy.

Characterized by high flight stability and maximum safety thanks to the  coaxial propulsion drive, it is the ideal choice for the most severe load conditions.
It can be integrated with different types of camera (conventional, thermal or multispectral) in addition to its gimbal for
focus orientation keeping.
Land mapping, precision agriculture, professional video shooting, are just some of the
application areas, making the APLSdrone DX8-PX/800 the most versatile and safe UAV of the ALPSdrone fleet.

It comes with the all necessary documentation to fulfill ENAC requirements for professional activity.

REF. ENAC n ° 5175


Flight Time up to 25min.

4500gr. payload

10-12m/s max.

Quick-release System

Thanks to its patented motor arms release system, the DX8-PX/800 can be ready to fly in few second.

Request for a custom carrying case or choose one of the available solutions: flexibility and portability will no longer be an issue, even for the most demanding professional.

Stabilized Video

3 axis gyro-stabilized gimbal, with brushless motor and double IMU for maximum performance.

Remote shutter and video transmission, both available in analog or high-definition, for the most common DSLR camera, such as Sony A7s and Panasonic GH4.

  • 360° PAN continuosly rotation.
  • UAV axis Follow mode
  • PAN quick-relase system

Stabilized Images

In aerophotogrammetric applications, image quality is critical to achieve high-contrast details and precise contours.

Therefore 3 axis brushless gimbal is an important plus for the most demanding surveying.

  • Double IMU and remote shutter
  • 360° PAN  and TILT continuosly rotation
  • UAV axis Follow mode


Ballistic Parachute

The overall security of the UAV system  is a complex mix of the highest quality components and technologically advanced. For this reason ALPSdrone has selected a set of ballistic parachutes to better match  the load condition of the DX8-PX / 800.

  • Fully reusable
  • Integrated electronics with backup battery
  • Automatic or Manual deployment
  • Warning Buzzer for audible alert and easy find


Single Pilot



The remote control supplied with the DX8-PX / 800 is set to control all common flight command and one of the available channel is dedicated to control the PAN axle of the Gimbal.
In this case the
ROLL axis is automatically managed by the gimbal ECU, in order to compensate roll angles of the drone and the stabilize the images.

Pilot & Video Operator

With this configuration two separate remote controls will be provided . The pilot has controls over the drone and the FPV monitor displays the images coming from the fixed camera (only analog video).
Video Operator instead manages the second transmitter. In this case the axes of PAN, TILT and ROLL can be configured individually, as well as the remote shutter or zoom control (feature limited to specific camera model)

Ground Control Software

Unleash the power of community based software: fully integrated, maximum portability and hundred of features to get your job done easily and with a professional level never seen before.

Get rid of a limited number of waypoints: now you can create the most complex UAV path to match every kind of survey.

  • automatic generated waypoints grid
  • obstacle avoiding marker points
  • high quality terrain elevation dataset
  • automatic takeoff and landing*
  • video overlay*
  • flight controller data passthrough


Position keeping

High precision position keeping (GPS, IMU, baro)


Open-source flight controller algorithm

Camera Gimbal

Multiple accessories with Gimbal stabilization


Redundant control Data-link*


Redundant Flight Avionics*


Multiplatform Ground Control Station (Win, osX, Android)


Optimal design for aerodynamic effects reduction

Flight Termination

Safety power cut-off system


Automatic return to take-off point Return-to-Lunch


Multiple safety routine

Altitude Control

High precision barometric altitude control or LIDAR range-finder*

Dual Controller

Microcontroller 32bit with Failsafe Co-processor


Manual fly with GPS support or completely automatic

Fly Performance

Maximum stability even with wind up to 12m/s

Take-off and Landing

Auto take-off and landing

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