Thanks to the frontal gimbal mounted camera, the ALPSdrone AX4-PX/840 is the ideal UAV for professionals and the most demending applications.
From land surveying and mapping, to contruction structural inspection, the AX4-PX/840 let you to have a single multirotor for multiple uses, standardizing the design methodologies

It comes with the all necessary documentation to fulfill ENAC requirements for professional activity.


800gr. payload

Flight Time 12-18min.

10-12m/s max.







We believe in open-source software and for this reason we've created a open-platform for multiple scenarios.

Mapping or surveying, wild areas cinematography or engineering inspection: the AX4-PX/840 will always take your business to next level.











Frontal gimbal

The on-field deploy is even more fast thanks to the frontal gimbal. 

You don't need anymore to switch from different configuration: point the camera facing down for effective surveing or 180° degree faced up for bridges and structural inspections.











EDS Easy Deploy System

From compact and highly portable instrument, to fully functional UAV, in few seconds!

Thanks to the foldable design of the motor booms, the AX4-PX/840 will always be ready to fly.











Custom design

Openplatform mean endless configuration!

Ask for your customization: our engineering team will provide you the most suitable solution.


Want even more?

Buy the developeredition and get full engineering documentation!

Native 3D cad files, STEP model, DXF milling-cutter drawing, schematic, calculation and configuration files, will be the starting point for your own design.






Position keeping

High precision position keeping (GPS, IMU, baro)


Open-source flight controller algorithm

Camera Gimbal

Multiple accessories with Gimbal stabilization


Redundant control Data-link*


Redundant Flight Avionics*


Multiplatform Ground Control Station (Win, osX, Android)


Optimal design for aerodynamic effects reduction

Flight Termination

Safety power cut-off system


Automatic return to take-off point Return-to-Lunch


Multiple safety routine

Altitude Control

High precision barometric altitude control or LIDAR range-finder*

Dual Controller

Microcontroller 32bit with Failsafe Co-processor


Manual fly with GPS support or completely automatic

Fly Performance

Maximum stability even with wind up to 12m/s

Take-off and Landing

Auto take-off and landing

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