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Flight Termination System

According to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority and the explanatory technical note n ° 2 of 17/12/2014, ALPSdrone produces advanced Flight Termination Systems, with unmatched performance and proven relaibility.

Developed after months of field testing, to ensure the highest level of compatibility with modern UAV, the ALPSdrone Flight Termination System sets new quality standards and market references.

The connecting link between RX and TX radio moduls, was developed based on the open-source code openLRSng, ensuring high reliable software tested on the field in multiple enviromental condition.

Profesional user can also customize operating frequencies in the range of 433 MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz and output power up to 1W e.r.p.


Wide Frequency Range

Spectrum Analyzer


Spectrum Analyzer

Safety of UAV radio control link is our top priority!

Each Flight Termination System Remote has also a unique frequency scanner feature. The UAV pilot can always check for interferences and preventively select multiple or different hopping channels frequencies.

Furthermore, the possibility to replace the TX / RX module, autonomously switch between frequencies and select transmission power, will ensure maximum compatibility with the regulations in each country you are going to fly.




Full support of openLRSng code for both radio Tx / Rx modules, provides endless customization possibilities.  ALPSdrone Team is also available to customize every aspect of FTV Remote Controller: integration of parachutes, buzzer and signaling, will no longer be a problem!


  • Full open-source openLRSng support
  • unique and non-reproducible binding
  • active buzzer
  • PPM / PWM support, S-bus (FrSky), SUMD (Graupner)
  • 8 channels, RSSI
  • Fully user configurable frequency spectrum
  • Up to 24 frequency hopping channels
  • LBEEP function
  • beacon function

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