Battery CUT-OFF System

Safety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is based on the deep integration of advanced and highly sophisticated electronics components. Avionics, batteries, motors and motor controllers work together to maintain and control the flight performances.

In the event of failure of one of these main components, the Remote Operator has limited possibilities to maneuver, to recover the situation potentially dangerous.

In this context, ALPSdrone has developed an advanced flight termination system, to prevent uncontrolled Fly-Away failure, above the Geofence limits imposed by the ENAC regulation.


Up to 150 amps

Software Bugs free


Design & Concept

From the initial concept up to the stage of advanced design, ALPSdrone R&D team designs with the latest software technologies available.
Every aspect of mechanical, electronic, thermal and EMI is evaluated and monitored through all design process.

Mani features:

  • redundant power supply
  • separate Flight Controller BEC
  • pwm adjustable thresold
  • user selectable operation time
  • single channel reversed pwm generation
  • failsafe operation override
  • voltage and current analog output to Flight Controller or datalogger


Conventional Battery configuration

Lithium polymer batteries are one of the most stressed parts of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
To ensure maximum flight time and share the
current load , battery packs are often arranged in parallel.
This type of configuration, however, does not protect from malfunctioning: in case of failure and/or short circuit of one of the packages arranged in parallel, all the current flows from the
healthy to the defective generator.

In these conditions the crash of the aircraft is almost inevitable.


ALPSdrone Battery CUT-OFF system

To overcome this problem, ALPSdrone developed a redundant Battery CUT-OFF system that constantly monitor the current flow.

Two battery packs are connected in parallel via a pure MOSfet bridge with analog active current sensing: in case of short circuits of the battery cells or perforation of the polymeric membrane, the malfunctioning branch is immediately excluded, enabling a safe emergency landing.

APM power module ready

We trust into Comunity Based software! Our Battery CUT-OFF system is fully integrated with Pixhawk and APM based Ground Control Software: it provides a stabilized ripple-free 5v dc output for the Flight Controller, plus battery voltage and current consuption high resolution analogue reading.

Main features:

  • premium stabilized DC/DC converter 5Vdc@2.2A
  • voltage input from 3S up to 6S lipo configuration
  • high resolution voltage and current analog output
  • digital output for System Status
  • LED visual System Stutus

EUROCAE ED-12C level D Ready

According to recent European directives, ENAC the Italian Aviation Authority, released the second edition of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Rules.

One of the most stringent prerequisites  for the overflight of critical urban areas, is the need for on board software with safety criteria following EUROCAE ED-12 level D.

ALPSdrone R&D team has developed a completely analog Battery CUT-OFF system: a level of confidence in safety that complies with airworthiness requirements and still maintain full configurability to meet requirements of the most demanding applications.

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