Chose your camera and video option: analogue output for no latency or high definition video streaming up to 4K for best definition.

No loss of production

You don’t need to take your production out of the grid: real-time data streamed from ALPDrone’s UAV let the customer deeply investigate undergoing “normal working condition”.

Less staff!

Be more efficient with maximum safety.

Despite of traditional methods like helicopter services or structures climbing that involve high-risk operation, UAV’s services can perform better at one tenth of the time.

Optical devices with high-resolution video in full HD and 4K, infrared images, produce precise and accurate inspection surveys.

The possibility to mount the optical devices on three-axis gimbal, on both the top and bottom plate of' UAV, allows an unobstructed view of 360°, even in areas difficult to access.

The infrastructures inspection, as well as thermographic investigations, can be conducted safely by the ground operator, capable of controlling the optical devices individually.

Range of application:

High scalability of ALPSdrone's UAV let you choose any kind of application:

  • inspection of bridge
  • inspection of building
  • inspection of powerlines and grid
  • strectural health monitoring
  • inspection of industrial plants
  • automatic monitoring
  • railway monitoring