Custom seminars

Theory of flight, motor control, weather interpretation, workshops on components UAV. These are just some of the issues addressed in the ALPSdrone technical seminars.

UAV school

Join our UAV focused professional seminars designed to offer specific areas of study. ALPSdrone courses feature experts from all around the country. Lear where drones can take you next!

ENAC training

Actual Flying Authority Regulation imposes security requirements and very strict training. ALPSdrone acts as a consultant in the process of training and recognition for Specialized Operational

The growing demand for Specialized Application in the field of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, forced ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) to a strict regulation on their usage.

The professional who intends to manage the required steps of theoretical and practical training, will find in ALPSdrone the technical partner for training, learning and overcoming all the required procedure for the final acknowledgement.

We will employ the best tutors to research, develop, and deliver market leading unmanned systems curriculum to our students/partecipants through the latest available technology.

Courses & Seminars

Some of the main topics that ALPSdrone focus on:

  • Navigation (globe, latitude and longitude, aeronauticals charts, GNSS, transponder)
  • Meteerology (pressure, temperature, relative humidity, adiabatic heating and cooling, weather forecast)
  • Principles of Flight (airfoils, lift, drag and stall, propellers, stability and maneuverability)
  • UAV technology (VTOL and Fixed Wings, applications, GCS, payload, data link, multirotors, brushless controller, safety)
  • Mission Planing (surveying grid, overlap and sidelap, checklist, travel range and payload influence)
  • Procedures (Safety routine, buffer area definition, GNSS interference)
  • Regulamentation (EASA, ICAO, ENAC definition, present regulation)