Advanced SFM process automation (Structure from Motion) of ALPSdrone, allows multiple types of output: orthorectified imagery, DEM, 3D models and contour lines

Autonomous Flight

ALPSdrone Autonomous Flight Algorithms allows reliable and accurate flight path with significant mission time savings and high accuracy results


24MPx camera definition with high quality prime lens, let ALPSdrone UAV capture each single detail and achieve centimetric resolution in aerial photogrammetry services

The ability to capture aerial high-definition digital images is revolutionizing land surveying methods.

Through scheduled flight plans, you can get "crawl" (strip run) of geotagged photos.

The subsequent post processing produce: orthorectified three-dimensional scaled images  with corresponding land coordinates, point cloud models, digital elevation models DEM, in the most common digital formats.

Output types:

Post preocessing of aerial images produce a consistent dataset of output:

  • DEM Digital Elevation Model
  • Point Cloud
  • Surface Model
  • Contour Lines
  • Texture Images