ALPSdrone Academy

ALPSdrone applies its extensive experience in providing technical consulting for the RPAS systems, as wel as offering specialized courses for remote piloting techniques  and EASA – ICAO – ENAC regulations.

Structural monitoring

Thanks to the 360° tilting camera and the innovative quick-release system, our UAVs provide maximum flexibility in structural video inspection and engineering monitoring.



Aerial view, new points of view and the ability to follow moving subjects, are just some of the features of modern UAV.
The sophisticated automatic flight control mode asFollow me” andOrbit”, make the most complex scenes
extremely simple.

Precision Farming

When technology is combined with tradition, ALSPdrone provides to professional agronomists, a set of solutions for a better interpretation of vegetation index



Our moral obligation is to reach and patrol disaster areas and assist in the survival of human life!

Fully automated and dedicated sensors make our SAPR suitable for emergency and health related applications.


With a technological background from years of experience in the design and validation of complex systems, ALPSdrone manufactures integrated solutions according to customer specifications.


RPAS systems are the way to success for aerial photogrammetry survey.
ALPSdrone provides advanced
geomatics services, able to produce the highest quality dataset


ALPSdrone design and markets Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems RPAS, VTOL platform equipped with advanced navigation features and automatic surveying capabilities